An E-Collar is a device with a muscle stimulation mechanism that can be controlled with a remote that is to be used by the handler. The remote allows you to maintain full control of your dog up to half a mile! An E-Collar gives your dog the freedom to explore on their own without you ever worrying about them running off! It is not used to punish or hurt your pet as people believe, it is actually used as a device to communicate what you want with your dog under the highest levels of distraction. The reason this collar is thought to be animal abuse is due to bad owners taking their aggression out on their own pet through the collar and/or using the collar in an incorrect manner which may confuse your pet leading to a fear of the collar itself. In our training program we show you exactly how to use the collar in a way that excites your dog to train. The issue when it comes to treat training is that when your dog is faced with a distraction such as another dog or squirrel while your dog is at a distance, your pet will not even hear your recall, but with the e-collar that subtle nick on their neck will be more than enough to regain your dogs attention. Through our training program we teach your pet which each nick means calmly and clearly so that they always know what you are looking for under the heaviest of distractions. Our number one concern in training is the well being of your pet and we make sure that we are always using the lowest setting possible to achieve the best results. We make sure to let each handler feel the collar on themselves first to know which each setting feels like. In most cases the settings that work best on the pet cannot even be felt on the human skin.